3.8. An Example of Quantising   

Now you can have a look at some pictures and watch how the computer quantises the colours. Click HERE to see a fractal image (23K bytes). This image contains 72 colours. Now click the right mouse button in the picture to bring up XV's control panel. You will see a message saying how many colours XV 'got'. As this image contains relatively few colours, it may say something like:

'Got all 72 desired colours.'

Click HERE to see another fractal (46K bytes). This image contains 200 colours. Click the right button in the image as above. Since this image has a relatively large number of colours, it may say something like:

'Got 150 out of 200 (150 unique)'.

That is, it wasn't allowed to fill the other 45 spaces in the color map.

You may like to try putting a colourful gif up as a background to your window manager and seeing if this affects how many colours XV can 'get'.