3.6. Colour Composition in Computers   

Computers are very mathematical, uncreative machines (at least compared to humans). We tend to take colour appreciation for granted. When we attempt to represent colour in a computer, we need a method of approximating the way we deal with colour so we can mix visually satisfying colours using the computer as the palette. Two such methods of uniquely specifying colours are the "RGB" and "HSV" colourspaces.

If you would like some experience playing with RGB and HSV values you can click HERE to see the program XV display an image (2237 bytes). Click the right mouse button inside the image and another window will pop up. You will see a button on the new window called ColEdit. Click on this with the left mouse button to see the new window for fiddling with RGB and HSV values. Select the colour to modify by clicking in its box. Now use the arrows and knobs to change values and watch the effect in the picture.