1.8. Menu Widgets   

The RowColumn widget is the basis for most of the menu system components. It has a built-in ability to behave like a RowColumn manager, a RadioBox, a MenuBar, a Pulldown MenuPane, a Popup MenuPane, and an Option menu. Convenience functions have been provided to easily create these special versions of the RowColumn widget. The Motif menu system is composed of the following widgets and convenience functions:

XmRowColumn (Widget) MenuBar (Convenience Function)
OptionMenu (Convenience Function) Pulldown Menupane (Convenience Function)
Popup Menupane (Convenience Function) XmMenuShell (Widget)
XmCascadeButton (Widget) XmSeparator (Widget and Gadget)
XmLabel (Widget and Gadget) XmToggleButton (Widget and Gadget)
XmPushButton (Widget and Gadget)