1.4. Display Widgets   

Motif provides the following display widgets:

The Core class is used as a supporting superclass for other widget classes. It provides common resources that are needed by all widgets, including x and y location, height, width, window border width, and so on.

The XmPrimitive class is also used as a supporting superclass for other widget classes. It provides resources for border drawing and highlighting, traversal activation and deactivation, and so on.

This widget consists of a text label or pixmap surrounded by a border shadow. You select the button by moving the mouse cursor to the button and pressing mouse button 1. When the mouse button is pressed, the widget and shadow colors will invert, giving the appearance that the PushButton has been pressed in. When the mouse button is released, the colors will revert to the original color scheme, giving the appearance that the PushButton is "out".

The ArrowButton widget consists of a directional arrow surrounded by a border shadow. The ArrowButton has the same functionality as the PushButton.

The DrawnButton widget consists of an empty widget window surrounded by a shadow border. It provides the application developer with a graphics area that can have PushButton input semantics.

This widget consists of a text or graphics button face with an indicator ( a square or diamond-shaped box) placed to the left of the text or graphics. ToggleButtons are used for setting non-transitory data within an application.

A Label consists of either text or graphics. Label's text is a compound string and can be multidirectional, multiline, multifont, or any combination of these.

The ScrollBar widget allows you to view data that is too large to be viewed in its entirety. A ScrollBar consists of two arrows pointing in opposite directions at each end of a small rectangle. A smaller rectangle called a slider is positioned within the scroll region. The slider is normally colored to contrast with that of the scroll region.

The List widget allows you to make a selection from a list of items. You can choose to have the List appear with a ScrollBar so that you can scroll through the list of items. Items are selected by moving the pointer to the desired item and pressing the mouse button or key defined as "select". The selected item is displayed in inverse colors.

Separator is a primitive widget to be used as an item separator placed between items in a display. Several different line drawing styles are provided as well as horizontal or vertical orientation.

The Text widget provides a single or multiline text editor that has a user and programmer interface that you can customize. It can be used for single-line string entry, forms entry with verification procedures, multipage document viewing, and full-screen editing.