13.7. Amiga Fonts   

The Amiga machine use two concept of fonts, the bitmaps fonts and the vector fonts

Here are fonts types that are used in Amiga

Agfa IntelliFont
It is the native font format for Amiga. It has the suffix .type or .lib. There is font converter to bitmap called IntelliFont.
Postscript Type 1
Postscript Type 1 is widely used in Amiga platform. The format is divided into binary and ASCII format. The binary format is used widely. It has the suffix .pfb and .pfa .
Postscript Type 3
Postscript Type 3 is not widely used in Amiga platform. There is some applications that used this kind of format such as PageStream. It has the suffix .ps or no extension.
This format also not commonly used in Amiga platform. However some applications support it such as Wordworth 3.0
DMF is common in Amiga platform as it is used by the well known PageStream Desktop Publishing Program. It has the suffix .dmf .
Bitmap font only used as small size bitmap, as Agfa IntelliFont is more powerful than Bitmap. It has the suffix .font
Colour Bitmap
Colour Bitmap is commonly used in Amiga platform. This font format mainly used by DTV applications, such as Video Toaster and Scala It has the suffix .font